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Aussie Locker automatic differential lock

Thursday 17 June 2010 - Filed under Diff locks

When I was looking for a new diff lock for my brothers Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70, I found the Aussie Locker automatic differential lock. I knew there were a few automatic differential locks on the market, but I must admit I knew very little about how they worked, how reliable they were, or how to install them.

If you can install a set of brakes you can install the Aussie Locker

The fact that its very cheap and everyone can install it, the only thing left to look at is how it works, and how it is to use Off Road.

  • My Opinion
  • + Price 1/4 of a Airlocker
  • + Simplicity
  • + Easy to install
  • - Always on

How the Aussie Locker works:
If I should sum up how it works as simpel as possible, it would be to compare it with a Ratchet. It allows one wheel to spin faster than the other – but not slower. So when you turn, the outside wheel want to rotate faster, and the ratchet function allows the wheel to do that. If the inside wheel starts slipping or when you are going straight again, the diff lock will lock the two wheels together again.

How Aussie Locker works

How Aussie Locker works

How the Aussie Locker looks:

How the Aussie Locker looks

How the Aussie Locker looks

The Aussie Locker comes in a small box with everything you need. The installation guide is easy to follow, and you should be able to install the Aussie Locker in about one hour. Check their website for more info.

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2010-06-17  »  Kristoffer

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